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Magnetic, flexible gooseneck work light

Can’t get your light in the right place? Take a look at the new magnetic, flexible work light available from Mark Vitow Ltd: Eye-Light.

Eye-Light is a durable, long-lasting, rechargeable LED floodlight with a unique magnetic gooseneck designed to make sure users can always get light exactly where it’s needed  – completely hands free.

Eye-Light.is extremely versatile. It can be used as a stand-alone light with the use of the metal stand, attached to metal surfaces using the immensely strong magnetic foot, wrapped around objects, or even placed over the shoulders.

Using the most advanced LED chips, Eye-Light outperforms most battery floodlights four times its 70mm size and 220g weight. It runs for 3.5 hours at 1000 lumens and well over 7 hours at 500.

The ultra-bright cordless light head is USB charged. Conveniently, Eye-Light also doubles as a USB power bank – great on any site to ensure users have both light to see what they’re doing, and power for their phones and mobile devices.

There are two models of Eye-Light available:

Eye-Light Plus
270mm flexible gooseneck
Product Code: ELPLUS

Eye-Light Pro
450mm flexible gooseneck
Product Code: ELPRO


See a recent review of the Eye-Light by Hattie Hasan, Founder of Stopcocks Women Plumbers and the Register of Tradeswomen.


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