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The Smart Hot Water Cylinder Thermostat



The smart way to control your hot water

The T-Smart learning hot water thermostat provides hot water when you need it, reducing energy wastage by managing your hot water usage.

Easy to install

The T-Smart hot water learning thermostat can be installed by a competent person or qualified engineer. T-Smart can be installed and connected to your smart network within minutes.

Works with what you’ve got

The T-Smart solution is compatible and works in harmony with immersion heaters where an existing 11” plug in thermostat is fitted. The technology allows you to effortlessly update your cylinder to a smart controlled appliance increasing functionality and control. Within the various modes you will see benefits such as bacteria control and better hot water efficiency, reducing wastage and making savings in cost of energy.

The smart way to control hot water

Your hot water requirement can be managed by the T-Smart learning capabilities or can be scheduled via the 7 day built-in programmer. Unlimited time and temperature settings in the easy to use T-Smart app gives you complete flexibility and control.

End-user comfort

  • Self-learning and adaptable smart function provides hot water according to your needs
  • LCD display and digital control with user-friendly interface
  • Remote control via intuitive Android and iOS mobile apps
  • Five selectable operating modes: Manual, Eco, Smart, Timer, Travel
  • Two background operating functions: Anti-Legionella and Frost protection
  • Display of notifications, warnings and errors in system functioning


  • Independent mechanical safety mechanism
  • Self-detection of errors
  • Anti-Legionella function
  • Freeze protection function

Energy efficiency

The T-Smart is designed to learn your homes hot water consumption and raises the water temperature in the most energy efficient manner, eliminating the current issue of heating hot water when it is not needed.

T-Smart only uses the energy that’s needed, helping to reduce your energy consumption thus saving money and the planet.

  • Electronic temperature measurement with two temperature sensors
  • Energy saving is enabled by Smart, Eco, Timer and Travel modes

 Control from anywhere

The mobile phone app works in conjunction with your busy lifestyles and allows control of hot water when you need it most. Going to be late home but fancy a bath? No problem, the app allows you to give your hot water a boost so it’s ready for when you return home. Going on holiday and forgot to turn your hot water off? Easy, simply use the holiday mode function on the app and it will automatically put your T-Smart into frost protection mode whilst you are away.

  • Remote control from any location
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use Android and iOS apps

T-Smart Overview

Getting Started with T-Smart - Installation

How to setup and connect your T-Smart app

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