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Mark Vitow Supports World Plumbing Day

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Celebrated on March 11 each year, World Plumbing Day is an international event initiated by the World Plumbing Council (WPC) in 2009 that recognises the important role that plumbing plays in everyone’s health and safety.

The idea was that on March 11 each year people all over the world would pause to reflect on the vital role plumbing plays in preserving their health and way of life in countries like ours or in building sustainable disease-free futures for millions in the developing world. And so World Plumbing Day was born, and it is big and getting bigger all the time!

The World Plumbing Council has highlighted a number of significant improvements over the last 15-year period which includes over 1 billion people gaining access to piped water supplies and an 11% increase in the global population of people who use managed sanitation services.

John Thompson, CEO of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC), said: “March 11 is now a fixture in calendars around the world for plumbers. The key aim of World Plumbing Day is for people to promote the link between good plumbing with sanitation and health, which is none more so relevant with the current Coronavirus outbreak which highlights the importance of being able to access clean water and handwashing facilities.”

This important industry contributes greatly to the quality of life and well-being that we enjoy every single day. All of us at Mark Vitow are proud to get behind World Plumbing Day and help to shine a light on the many highly qualified professionals in the plumbing industry who help keep people healthy and safe!

For more information, visit the World Plumbing Day website.

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