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Mark Vitow Ltd Supports the National Register of Tradeswomen

 In Plumbing Industry

After an incredible crowdfunding campaign, Not-for-Profit organisation Stopcocks Tradeswomen CIC launched the National Register of Tradeswomen this week (8th October) during UK Construction Week.

The brainchild of Stopcocks Women Plumbers’ owner, Hattie Hasan MBE, the Register’s initial aim is to ensure that vulnerable householders who feel safer with women can find a fully verified tradeswoman in their area.

Hattie says that a National Register of Tradeswomen is now more important and needed than ever, following the disturbing increase of and emerging situations of vulnerable women reported in the news since the beginning of lockdown.

The robust platform doesn’t just list, but verifies all tradeswomen, making it ideal for those who are experiencing or escaping from domestic violence or don’t feel safe having tradesmen in their homes.

Stopcocks Tradeswomen CIC also has plans to enable women to train in trades and access funds for training through the creation of a ‘School for Tradeswomen’ and a Trust Fund. where women can access grants and bursaries to empower them to access training, apprenticeships and employment in trades.

Hattie explains: “We believe that women feel good about themselves when they know they’re helping and supporting other women and contributing to empowering women through helping them into worthwhile and well-paid careers. That’s why we’re confident this Register, School and Fund with all skilled tradeswomen nationally joining will be a huge success.”

“When women see women empowered and strong, they will feel that working in skilled trades is within their grasp, especially if they can access finance to train in a safe and supportive environment. This is how we’re going to create sustainable change.”

Hattie adds that, as well as making tradeswomen easier to find, they can be counted, which will provide the data needed to increase the number of tradeswomen available nationwide.

“We want all the tradeswomen in the UK to register. No one knows how many tradeswomen there are, and until we do we can’t measure how we’re doing or what needs to change. When you register it means you’ll count. Finally we will be counted!”

The register was formally launched during UK Construction Week’s Virtual Conference on October 8th during the session: “Changing the culture of the Built Environment – A register of tradeswomen“. In this free, interactive session the audience was encouraged to participate in the development of the Register, with the event highlighting individual tradeswomen and seeking to identify and grow a strong group of tradeswomen role models.

Stopcocks Tradeswomen CIC will be raffling a number of prizes from industry sponsors from October 8 – November 15 to promote the register and to encourage women to sign up. Mark Vitow donated it’s exclusive Eye-Light work lights. These flexible, magnetic gooseneck work lights are currently available from most independent plumbing and heating merchants but are suitable for any trade.

“We are proud to support Stopcocks Tradeswomen CIC in their launch of the National Register of Tradeswomen,” says Rachel Pead, Operations Director at Mark Vitow Ltd. “The work they are doing to protect, empower and inspire vulnerable people seeking safety and to champion women in the Industry is commendable.”

For more information visit the National Register of Tradeswomen website.