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Andy Cam Reviews Mark Vitow’s FlowPro FP400 Macerator

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More people are wanting to install en-suites, cloakrooms, and utility rooms in places where it’s impossible to install conventional waste pipes because the drains would have to be located below the level of the main drain line.
Although the number one rule in plumbing is that water runs downhill, if you have a customer who wants to fit a new cloakroom, don’t be put off at the prospect of drainage complications.

A high-quality macerator is the perfect solution to pump the waste water long distances uphill and through smaller diameter pipework to your soil connections.

The FlowPro FP400 macerator from Mark Vitow (available from most independent merchants) is ideal for use in domestic situations and can be used in conjunction with a WC, basin, shower, and bidet.

This versatile appliance can pump waste water up to 8m vertically and 80m horizontally, with a drop of 5mm per metre through a variety of waste pipework, from 22mm to 40mm in diameter. Now you really can have a shower room in almost any part of a property!

It comes with all of the relevant fittings to connect inlets and outlets, including a 110mm Jubilee clip for the WC, and rubber outlet elbow with 36-50mm Jubilee clip which can be turned to the desired direction to make the perfect install.


You should always use sweep bends or two 45º bends, as this helps lessen the resistance in the outlet pipework.

It’s the ideal unit if you require three connections and WC (i.e. shower, wash basin, bidet, and WC). Any unused connections should always be blanked off with the fittings supplied.

The FlowPro FP400 is not only quiet (35~50 dBs), but also compact, so can be installed behind most toilets.

There’s no need to remove the unit for service and maintenance – just click the top off while in-situ, with no tools required. So, if it’s a cloakroom en-suite, the FlowPro FP400 is perfect!

It comes with a two year guarantee and a technical advice number connecting you to Mark Vitow’s team of engineers. Although there are easy to follow instructions in the box, help is always available before, during, or after the installation.

All in all it is a fantastic, high-quality bit of kit with a surprisingly economical price tag compared to other brands out there. And that’s why I love plumbing!

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